Annegret Kellner
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Picture Pigments

Picture Pigment

The P i c t u r e P i g m e n t series shows pixels in an environment of old flower still life paintings.
The flowers are reduced to flat unrecognizable squares. The most perishable in the arrangement, the blooming flowers, are censored.

This is in contrast with other visible image elements such as the table on which the still life is draped. Not only the professional detailing
of the flowers with which old masters managed to seduce; but the representation of the flower itself is denied.
The series is based on digitized paintings by old masters.

Museums such as the Rijksmuseum make these files of master pieces available and thus encourage remix culture.
As a result of the transformation, the actual experience of the work is continuously subordinated to the medium on which it is reproduced
and therefore the perception varies. The shared authorship and the memory of the blossom emphasizes the changeability of cultural consciousness.